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Inquiry Questions

PIQ-01    Identity of OBJ/106
PIQ-02    Status of SUP/146 and SUP/181
PIQ-03    Clarification of position of Newport City Council
PIQ-04    Changes between TEMPRO 7.1 Interim for Wales and the release of TEMPRO 7.2
PIQ-05    Land Take within Gwent Levels
PIQ-06    Degree of Enhancement of Gwent Levels
PIQ-07    Plan of Junction Numbers
PIQ-08    CIEEM 2008
PIQ-09    Business Community Support Examples
PIQ-10    Comparison between existing and proposed M4
PIQ-11    Supplementary Bat Surveys
PIQ-12    Assessment of safety and accident risks in the Port
PIQ-13    Planning Permission application for two wind turbines at Great House Farm, Undy
PIQ-14    Usk Crossing East Pier.  Otter passage at construction site
PIQ-15    Bats – Table clarification
PIQ-16    Reference to a disused lime kiln used as a bat roost
PIQ-17    Chief Witness Evidence Clarifications
PIQ-18    Traffic Evidence Clarifications
PIQ-19    Engineering Evidence Clarifications
PIQ-20    Noise & Vibration Evidence Clarifications
PIQ-21    Ecology & Nature Conservation Evidence Clarifications
PIQ-22    Ancient Woodland Inventory – Pye Corner
PIQ-23    Lengths of Reens and Ditches
PIQ-24    Docks Way Link: Select Link Analysis
PIQ-25    Landscape Environmental Masterplans (EMPS)
PIQ-26    Flood Consequences Assessment PoE Clarifications
PIQ-27    Tidal Flooding PoE Clarifications
PIQ-28    Land Use, Community and Recreation PoE Clarifications
PIQ-29    Economics PoE Clarifications
PIQ-30    Dormice and Water Voles PoE Clarifications
PIQ-31    Aerial photographs with Scheme outline and Environmental Management Plans
PIQ-32    Liaison with the Port Security Authority
PIQ-33    Design and Construction Issues Relating to Use of Contaminated Materials Within Highway Embankment
PIQ-34    Not Allocated
PIQ-35    Congestion at the Docks Way Tip Entrance 
PIQ-36    Water Quality Proof of Evidence Clarifications 
PIQ-37    Carbon Proof of Evidence Clarifications
PIQ-38    Construction Proof of Evidence clarifications
PIQ-39    List of Stakeholders in the Docks
PIQ-40    Magor Station  
PIQ-41    Qualifications of those who have given evidence
PIQ-42    Extent and depth of landfill waste within Docks Way landfill
PIQ-43    Orders Definitions - Superseded
PIQ-43a  Orders Definitions (Revised)
PIQ-44    Location of redundant benzene pipeline 
PIQ-45    Refuse Tip Location and Depth in relation to CL-15 
PIQ-46    Planning & Sustainable Development Proof of Evidence Clarifications  
PIQ-47    Potential Conflict of M4 J28 Improvement Works on M4CaN Orders    
PIQ-48    Cultural Heritage Proof of Evidence Clarifications    
PIQ-49    Ornithology Proof of Evidence Clarifications   
PIQ-50    Closure of Navigable Waters of Newport Docks during Construction of the Scheme    
PIQ-51     Dormouse presence at Woodview Woodland 
PIQ-52     M4CaN Glan Llyn Junction Employment Allocation Review
PIQ-53     Road Lighting Strategy
PIQ-54    Confirmation of consultations regarding Modifications of Scheme / Line Order   
PIQ-55    Conntractors Share Breakdown    
PIQ-56    Volumes of Contaminated Soils Requiring Off Site Disposal     
PIQ-57    Piling the Usk Viaduct adjacent to the PCB cell    
PIQ-58    Mr Cromwell’s Alternetive
PIQ-59     land acquisition of all properties for M4CAN     
PIQ-60    Rogiet Traffic Levels
PIQ-61    Minimum distances between Junctions 
PIQ-61    part 2 Minimum disctances between Junctions
PIQ-62    Nick Rowson Slide 8
PIQ-63    Water Treatment Area Access North Row
PIQ-64    Docks Site Visit - Ships
PIQ-65    Shipping Cargo Carrying Capacity
PIQ-66    First Minister Comments 04 April 2017
PIQ-67    Rushwall Bridleway
PIQ-68    Metro delay effect on BCR
PIQ-69    Reen Cutting
PIQ-70    'Hold the Line' Flood Policy
PIQ-71    Local Wage Data REISSUE
PIQ-72    Distance of Scheme from Woolgar
PIQ-73    Response to Air Quality questions as asked by Ann Kenny
PIQ-74    Welsh Government Response to ABP Questions in Clarification of the Evidence of Andrew Meaney WG 1.4.1
PIQ-75    Landscaping Borrow Pits
PIQ-76    Distances from Scheme to All Saints Church
PIQ-77    Existing M4/A48 around Castleton Drain
PIQ-78    Climate Change Commission in Wales (2012) - Position Paper for Transport and Climate Change for Wales
PIQ-79    Long Section of the Green Route
PIQ-80    Junction Capacity at the Docks Link
PIQ-81    Departure from CADW National Policy - superseded
PIQ-81r1 Revised Departure from CADW National Policy
PIQ-82    Newport City Councillor Richard White
PIQ-83    Bats Proof of Evidence Clarification - superseded
PIQ-83    Bats Proof of Evidence Clarification (revised)
PIQ-84    Port Economics - Proof of Evidence Clarification
PIQ-85    Haul Road Route 
PIQ-86    Local Traffic on M4 around Newport
PIQ-87    Accident Cluster Sites
PIQ-88    Development at Duffryn High School, now known as the John Frost School
PIQ-89    Not Allocated
PIQ-90    Qualifications of those who have given evidence - Stephen McAllen
PIQ-91    INRIX Traffic Hotspot Report and Data
PIQ-92    MIDAS Hourly Traffic Growth
PIQ-93    Ben Sibert Elucidation to NRW
PIQ-94    Mike Vaughan Elucidation to NRW
PIQ-95    Barry Woodman  Elucidation to NRW
PIQ-96    Setting of Designated Heritage Assets Green Route
PIQ-97    Llanfihangel Conservation Area
PIQ-98    Clarification of the footprint area of the Glan Llyn junction inside and out of the Gwent Levels SSSI - revised
PIQ-99    Works that will be undertaken to the reclassified M4
PIQ-100    Setting of Designated Heritage Assets Green Route – Additional Questions raised
PIQ-101    A4810 Land Ownership and Highway Authority Position - superseded
PIQ-101b  A4810 Land Ownership and Highway Authority Position - revised
PIQ-102    Length of Carriageway in each SSSI.
PIQ-103    Modifications requested by the Welsh Government.
PIQ-104    Mitigation land in the SSSI
PIQ-105    Size of Environmental Mitigation Areas Outside the Highway Boundary
PIQ-106    Woodland Planting Western End of the Scheme
PIQ-107    Revised Traffic Forecasting Report, Figure 10.15
PIQ-108    Gwent Wildlife Trust, Cross Examination on Bats
PIQ-109    An update on OBJ 224 – Trustees of F. H James
PIQ-110    Local traffic on M4 around Newport 
PIQ-111 List of Objectors’ Suggested Alternatives including Promoters and Objection References
PIQ-112 Alternative Route Suggestion from Mr Phillips - Replace the Brynglas Tunnels with a cutting alternative route 
PIQ-113 OBJ6919 Dr. Callaghan – Site Visit Questions and Answers
PIQ-114 OBJ6904 - Wentlooge Community Council - Footprint in St Brides SSSI
PIQ-115 Effects of Alternative 11 on the B4245
PIQ-116 Update on the status of Welsh Government's discussions with Associated British Ports re Newport Docks
PIQ-117 OBJ0233 – Mr Phillips, Green Farm ‐ Access Tracks
PIQ-118 The Area of the Queensway Meadows Site contained within SSSI
PIQ-119 Usk Pollution Prevention Lagoon, grass lined channel design and invertebrate species within  the SSSI
PIQ-120 Non-motorised User Routes over the Usk Viaduct
PIQ-121 Response to Questions on Objectors’ Suggested Alternatives that do not have a promoter  appearing at the Inquiry - superseded
PIQ-121a - Appendix F to PIQ-121
PIQ-121b - Update to list of Objector Suggested Alternatives - 4.10.17
PIQ-122 Explanation of Modification 63 and Note on MOD19
PIQ-122a Clarification of PIQ122 requested by Inspector 
PIQ-123 Roadchef Queries
PIQ-124 Orders Objections Numbers
PIQ-125 OBJ0209 Mr Rabbitt - Knollbury Lane Closure - superseded
PIQ-125a OBJ0209 Mr Rabbitt - Knollbury Lane Closure
PIQ-126 Response to Inspectors’ and Roadchef’s Question on accident data from 11 July 2017
PIQ-127 Response to Inspector's questions on dates for draft orders and draft schemes
PIQ-128 The Inspector requested a list of attendees for the Gwent levels site Visit
PIQ-129 Width of Junction Cut
PIQ-130 Response to list of questions raised by the Inspectors on 20th September - superseded
PIQ-130a Response to list of questions raised by the Inspectors on 20th September revised
PIQ-131 Response to ID126 Buglife Statement On the Effectiveness of Proposed Mitigation Measures for Impacts on Shrill-carder Bee
PIQ-132 WG Response to Joint Statement by M4 Environmental NGO Group
PIQ-133 Blue Route Site Visit Questions
PIQ-134 Explanation of how Campaign Objections were categorised 
PIQ-135 Area of scheme in the Caldicot Levels SSSI
PIQ-136 Noise barriers 
PIQ-137 Queensway Meadows Site Visit
PIQ-138 Table of Agricultural Land classed as permanent / temporary
PIQ-139 Update of Statutory Undertakers on the Scheme 
PIQ-140 Orders Definitions
PIQ140a - Updated Modifications
PIQ-141 Qualifications of those who have given evidence
PIQ-142 Schedule of correspondence with Mrs Kenny
PIQ-143 Capacity of the existing M4 at tie in points.  File note of traffic on the Eastern and Western ends of the Scheme
PIQ-144 Summary List of Site Visits carried out by the Inspectors
PIQ-144a Revised List of Site Visits by the Inspectors

PIQ-144b Further Revised List of Site Visits by the Inspectors - 13.12.17
PIQ-145 List of Innovations
PIQ-146  Update to the ‘Proof of Evidence – Planning & Sustainable Development’ document WG 1.23.1 
PIQ 147 Response to a list of questions raised by the inspectors during open session on the 24th October 2017
PIQ 148 Julia Tindale updated PoE showing measurements in both hectares and acres
PIQ 149 List of responses to the ES Supplements Peter Ireland
PIQ 150  Rationale for ESS4, ESS5 & ESS6
PIQ 151 Response to Inspectors’ queries on agricultural land percentages and MOD 30
PIQ 152 Updated Economic Appraisal of Objectors' Suggested Alternatives as requested by the Inspectors
PIQ153 Westbound Free Flow Link - Design Standards. (Departures on M4 around J23)
PID153a Revised PIQ153 (13.03.18)
PIQ 154 Question from the Inspector regarding the Primary Environment Documentation 
PIQ 155 Updated Economic Appraisal of Objectors’ Suggested Alternative 3: Green Route
PIQ 156 Response to Mr Waller's  alternative route No 28
PIQ 156a Revised Response to Mr Waller's alternative route
PIQ 156b Mr Waller's Alternatives submitted 20.03.18
PID 156c WG response to Mr Waller's suggested alternative (Alternative 28)
PIQ 157 Legal Points submitted 8th March 2018
PIQ 158 Clarification for Landscape justification for plot 1/4j and plot 15/11a
PIQ 159 List of Statutory Orders
PIQ 159a Revised List of Statutory Orders 
PIQ 160 Response to question raised regarding Maerdy Farm
PIQ 161 Economic Appraisal of Alternatives 12, 23 24
PIQ 162 Rail Freight Considerations
PIQ 163 Merging and diverging flows at junctions
PIQ 164 List of questions from the Inspectors - 26.02.2018
PIQ 165 Questions from Dr Varley
PIQ 166 List of questions from the Inspectors - bridge protection measures
PIQ 167 Traffic Regulation Orders
PIQ 168 Transport User Benefits Assessment and Speed Flow Curves
PIQ 169 Note on Case of Wealden DC v SSCLG, Lewes DC, South Downs NPA and Natural England 20/03/2017, [2017] EWHC 351 (Admin), with Welsh Government

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